Eastern Evidence Argument Handbook, 1994-95, Volume XXI, University of Vermont

Editor and Publisher:
Alfred C. Snider

Assistant Editors:
Sallie Chafer
Josue Hernandez
Paul Kerr
Andrea Looby
John Gordon Miller
Iknaton Rhajik Nzaddi
Maxwell Schnurer
Paula Skowron
Cheryl Wilson
Steve Woods

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University of Vermont

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Burlington, VT 05405

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Table of Contents:

One: Topicality [T]
Definitions and interpretations of the key words in the resolution.

Two: General Negative [N]
Arguments against the harms of immigration and major approaches to reforming immigration policy.

Three: Disadvantages [D]
Complete disadvantages to use against affirmatives who either increase or decrease immigration.

Four: Counterplans [C]
Alternatives to immigration reform proposed by the negative.

Five: Affirmative Inherency [AI]
Extent of immigration, state of current regulations, and barriers to reform found in the status quo.

Six: Affirmative Significance [AS]
Harms of increased immigration and the system which regulates it.

Seven: Affirmative Proposals [AP]
Workability of various approaches to immigration reform, both general and specific.

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