UCD Novice IV, Dublin, Ireland, October 25 2012 Motions

UCD Novice IV, Dublin, Ireland, October 25

  1. R1: THBT the right to bear arms is the right to be free
  2. R2: THBT the world would be a better place if nobody believed in God
  3. R3: THW ban private healthcare and replace it with a comprehensive public system
  4. Semi: THB corrupt, benevolent and capable dictatorship is preferable to corrupt and inept democracy
  5. Final: Context Slide:

- It is the near future

- There is no discernable technological difference from today

- It has been discovered that 0.1% of the world’s population (60 million people) have developed the ability to read the thoughts of those in their immediate proximity. These people are called “psychics”

- “Psychics” can control their ability and choose not to read minds.

- A drug has been developed which suppresses their ability to ever read thoughts. However this drug also causes severe depression.


THW Require the Public Registration of All Psychics and the Suppression of their Abilities with Drugs

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