Namda Novices, Manchester, England, October 27 Motions

Namda Novices, Manchester, England, October 27

  1. R1: THW, ban national football teams who fans use racist or homophobic chants, from international competition
  2. R2: THW require local councils to provide sufficient plots for gypsies in spite of local opposition.
  3. R3: THW allow law enforcement agencies to monitor the phones, emails, internet activity and text messages of anyone who has been convicted of a crime linked to organised crime (as opposed to a hypothetical status quo where permission is granted on a case by case basis, where a judge must approve it based on evidence that the person is currently committing a crime)
  4. R4: THW force clinically obese children to attend residential weight loss and education camps during the summer holidays
  5. Semi: THBT western nations should launch pre-emptive air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities
  6. Final: THBT in order for full gender equality to be achieved, all images designed to even slightly sexually attract or arouse the viewer must be banned

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