Brandeis IV 2012 Motions

R1. THW ban all professional sports that regularly risk head trauma.

R2. THB that city councils should reject advertisements that encourage infidelity.

R3. THW prioritize refugees who share the values of the country that they are entering.

R4. THW allow actors to sue on behalf of future generations.

R5. THW ban posthumous baptism of non-members into a religion.

R6. This House supports the immunity of UN troops from local law during peacekeeping operations.

SF: THBT all religious organizations that perform marriage ceremonies should be legally obligated to perform same-sex marriages.

Novice Final (the wording here is likely not precise; apologies): Assuming the death penalty is a legitimate form of punishment, THS its use in the case of severe white collar crimes.

Final: THS a pre-emptive, offensive military campaign against Hamas with the goal of its eradication as a political and military entity.

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