NEAO 2012 Motions


Round 1: Rights and state's obligations   
THBT gender reassignment surgery should be included in state funded medical care

Round 2: Arts  
THBT the government should compensate the music industry for the losses arising out of illegal downloading

Round 3: Middle East
THS an Egyptian military security guarantee against the invasion of Gaza

Round 4: Education
THBT early childhood education should undermine traditional gender roles

Round 5: The New Age 
THW treat cyberattack as an act of war

Round 6: Development  
THBT national governments should depopulate areas with few viable economic activities

Pre-Quarters: Africa
THBT the West should actively seek to displace Chinese investments and acquisition of Africa's natural land and resources

Quarters: Immigration   
THBT it is legitimate for States to reject immigrants who oppose the prevailing social values of the receiving State

Semi-Final: the Middle East
THW ban religious parties from participating in elections in newly democratized Arab states.

Grand Final: Social Engineering
Assuming it is possible, THW incept citizens into socially good behavior 

EFL Semi-Final: Immigration
THBT states that receive refugees should be financially compensated by the country from which they came

EFL-Final: Social Engineering
Assuming it is possible, THW forcefully erase the memory of extremely traumatized patients

Test Debate: Romance   
THW allow teachers to have romantic relationships with students

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