US Open 2012 Motions, Claremont Colleges, California

1. In selective cases, it is acceptable to punish the innocent to prosecute the guilty,

2. This House supports a global excise tax to fund the UN's Millenium Development Goals.

3. National security whistleblowers do more harm than good.

4. This House supports the establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions for indigenous people

5. United States cyberwarfare does more good than harm

6. The UN should permit a supermajority of members to override Security Council vetoes.

7. This House would restrict the immigration of STEM professionals to developed countries.

8. This House would use a lottery system to select representatives of marginalized groups to diversify government legislatures.

Semifinal: THBT the international community should establish ad hoc tribunals to prosecute serious labor violations.

Final: THS compulsory voting in general elections

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