Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships 2012

Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, July 29 - August 3

  1. R1: THB the state should send all underage overweight children to a summer far camp
  2. R2: THBT all EU countries should set the bar of entry to their parliament in such a way that would ensure a two party system
  3. R3: THBT Amercia is justified in keeping the Second Amendment
  4. R4: You are a western reporter covering the Middle East. You received indisputable and ex
  5. clusive evidence that Israel is about to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in the next 24 hours. THW not publish the story
  6. R5: THB Turkey should abandon all efforts to join the EU
  7. R6: You are a CEO of a major clothing company and currently pay workers in your factory 1 dollar a day. You are presented with a plan that would give your employees a dignified living wage. This would significantly increase production costs but would not put you out of business. THW implement the plan.
  8. R7: THBT posing for Playboy is immoral
  9. Semi: THW heavily incentivise Bosnians, Croats and Serbs in Bosnia and Hercegovina that move to areas where dominant ethnicity is other than their own
  10. Final: Given the technology, THW burn obedience to criminal law in the brains of all humans

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