EUDC Belgrade 2012 Motions

European Universities Debating Championship in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Round 1: THB Parents Should Choose Not To Send Their Children To Private School
Round 2: THBT First Nations' people who live in geographically separated areas should be given complete autonomous self-government
Round 3: THBT the music industry should not facilitate the comebacks of artists who committed violent crimes.
Round 4: THBT the Mexican Government should remove all limits on law enforcement and the military in the fight against organized crime
Round 5: THBT the ECB should unconditionally buy significant amounts of government debt from struggling Eurozone countries
Round 6: THW limit the amount that can be spent by corporations in any one course of litigation
Round 7: THW require the military to recruit soldiers in direct proportion to the socioeconomic makeup of their country
Round 8: THBT Palestinians should accept complete demilitarisation in return for a guaranteed sovereign state
Round 9: THW allow anyone to take up residence in any country, provided that they will not be an economic burden on that country.
Open quarterfinal motion: THBT Republika Srpska should secede from BIH.
ESL quarterfinal motion: THS life sentences without the possibility of parole for serial re-offenders.
Open semifinal motion: THB schools should agressivily screen students according to their ability from a young age.
ESL semifinal motion: THBT militaries in newly democratized Arab states should act as guardians of secularism.
ESL FINAL: THW retrospectively remove all amnesty granted to those who committed crimes as part of oppressive regimes.
Open FINAL: THW amend the US constitution to prohibit any involvement by religious organisations in the electoral process

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