3rd Thailand World Schools Debating Championships 2012

Motions for the 3rd Thailand World Schools Debating Championships 2012 at Anglo Singapore International School, Bangkok, Thailand.

R1: THBT the Eurozone should harmonize its debt through Eurobonds
R2: THBT states should not compensate individuals who choose to live in disaster areas
R3: THW make the protection of human rights a condition for receiving developmental aid
R4: TH supports rehabilitation over retribution for juveniles
R5: THW sign an international treaty banning Cyber warfare
R6: THW require schools to stop teaching a gender normative* curriculum** (*Based upon societal stereotype of traditional gender rules. **Courses, subject matter and activities.)
R7: THW ban all religions from actively seeking conversions
OF: [Governance] THBT a strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy
QF: [Wealth Distribution] THBT income equality should be prioritized over economic growth
SF: [Syria] THBT military intervention is justified to protect civilians from the state
GF: THBT Corporations are not people

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