Motions - 2nd China National High School Debating Championships 2012

Debate Motions:

Round 1     Women's Issues

This House would promote women higher and faster in employment situations as a matter of government policy.

Round 2    Arts

This House would make public funding for the arts available for the production of video games.

Round 3  Education

This House would test teachers regularly.

Round 4  Rights

This House would encourage its citizens to break laws in other countries that violate human rights.

Round 5  Popular Culture

This House would teach the appreciation of popular culture in schools.

Round 6  Medical Ethics

This house would criminalize healthcare workers who flee from work during a contagious epidemic.

Round 7  Social Dilemmas

This House believes that, upon death, every person’s body should revert to the State for scientific use, or for organ donation, depending on necessity.

Round 8   Sexuality

This House would ban clinics that claim to cure homosexuality.

Octo-Finals:   International Affairs

This House believes that the U.S. should stop the use of military drones in Pakistan.

Quarter-Finals:  Criminal Justice

This House would ban the hiring of private criminal defence lawyers.

Semi-Finals:  Religion

This House believes that States should no longer support, fund or operate religious schools.

Grand Final  Politics
This House would ban corporations from donating to political campaigns.
Reserve Motions:
1.  Media
This House would ban advertisements which affirm gender roles.

2.  Good Governance
This House believes that it is acceptable for politicians to personally profit from their positions of governmental power.

3.  Environment
This House would subsidize eco-friendly consumer choices.

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