Cameroon Debate Academy 2012

Demonstration debate: THW have the state not fund art.
Warm up mini debate: THBT our lives will be better than the lives of our parents.
Practice 1: THW not give money to beggars.
Practice 2: THW punish police more harshly than other citizens for breaking the law.
Practice 3: THBT it is wrong for parents to hit their children.
Practice 4: THW make voting mandatory.
Practice 5: THW require politicians to send their children to public schools.
Practice 6: THBT the African Union should have its own professional army.
Tournament 1: THBT all pre-university schools should be single gender.
Tournament 2: THBT the world would be better off if the poor had two votes each.
Tournament 3: THW ban household paid help under the age of 16
Tournament 4: THBT all national elected officials should be limited to two terms in office.
Semifinals: THW ban "bush meat."
Finals: TH welcomes a United States of Africa.

Chief Adjudicator: Alfred Snider, Univ. of Vermont
DCAs: Joe Damiba, Cornell Univ.; Paul Gross, Cornell Univ.

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