Borneo Debating Championship 2012

Round 1
M1) THBT the PTPTN loan dilutes the quality of tertiary education in Malaysia.
M2) THW give the Parents & Teachers Association (PIBG) the authority to sack teachers who they deem unfit.
M3) THW force students to take up a religious subject that is not of their own

Round 2

M1) THW give the the indigenous natives of Borneo two votes
M2) THW make Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak) a self autonomous state
M3) THW return all royalties from the natural resources of Sabah & Sarawak

Round 3

M1) THW place a salary cap on professional players
M2) THBT immigration on the lines of sports shouldn't be allowed
M3) THW ban international betting corporations from sponsoring sports clubs

Round 4

M1) In the context of cultural preferences, THBT the state should recognize polygamy & polyandry. 
M2) THW set a limit on the number of times you can divorce your partner
M3) THBT laws against hate speech should also includes hate speeches against homosexual marriages. 

Grand Finals Motions:
M1) THW ban race and/or religion based political parties
M2) THW hold and punish political parties liable for political hooliganism by supporters. religion based political parties. 
M3) THW revolve parliamentary privileges if its members r caught making seditious statements & claims towards citizens

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