STAR Asian Schools Debating Championship 2012

Round 1: Just to warm you up ☺
THW criminalize adultery
THW ban circumcision for children
THW allow the denial of genocides

Round 2: Education
THW require politicians to send their children to public schools
THS the right of teachers and students (non- minors) to be engaged in romantic relationships
THW teach atheism as a subject in schools

Round 3: Sex and Gender
THW force Disney to feature a homosexual lead character in their next cartoon blockbuster
THW make all awards at the Oscars gender neutral
THW set an expiration date for marriages

Round 4: Culture
TH regrets the way society has come to celebrate Christmas
TH supports the right of States to disallow Lady Gaga from performing in their country, even though a majority of the citizens in that country would welcome her
THW lift the ban on all controversial books

Round 5: Law and Order
THBT the media should not disclose the ethnicity and religious affiliation of individuals who commit violent crimes
THW ban the hiring of private criminal defence lawyers
THW ban ex-convicts from publishing books and making movies about the crimes they committed

Round 6: A Day at the Movies
Assume that we have the necessary technology to trap people in their dreams. These individuals are able to shape the world in these dreams. THW allow the miserable to trap themselves in their dreams until they die.

Assume that mutants walked the earth. They are born with mutant superpowers. They are potentially dangerous to state security. THBT these mutants should be under the sole custody of the state.

Assume that Pokemon roamed the earth. A lot of these Pokemon have been captured by Pokemon trainers and are imprisoned in Pokeballs. These Pokemon are regularly used in Pokemon battles. THW free them all.

Pre-Octos: Women
This house believes that the feminist movement should oppose affirmative action for women
This house would require women to seek the consent of the father of the child before she undergoes an abortion
This house believes that women should pay less income tax

Octo: International Relations
This house would establish an ASEAN court of human rights
This house believes that Israel should unconditionally and permanently stop the construction of all Jewish settlements in the West Bank
This house believes that cyber attacks should be recognized as the use of military force

Quarters: Corporations
This house believes that the workers should own a majority of the shares in the companies they work for
This house would abolish all labour unions in developing countries
This house believes that companies should be liable for the violation of labour standards by companies they have outsourced their operations to

Novice Semis: Kids....and Sex
THW allow parents to implant a tracking device into their children
THBT that police officers should should pose as children on Facebook to entrap paedophiles
THW set up brothels in military camps

Novice Finals :Motions the Adj Core Wants to See You Debate in the Finals
THW disobey immoral laws
THW strive for immortality
THBT the State should deliberately publish lies to its citizens during times of war

Semis: War
THB in military conscription by lottery
THBT the UN should hire Private Military Contractors for its military operations
THW allow targeted attacks at civilians if it can be proven to significantly reduce casualties in the long run

Finals: Motions the Adj Core Wants to See You Debate in the Finals
THBT individuals should not exercise their right to vote in a fundamentally flawed political system  
TH opposes organized religion
THBT capitalism is a just socio-economic model

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