LSE Open 2012

LSE Open hosted by the London School of Economics. 18 -19 Feb. CA Li Shengwu and Ruth Faller

FINALS MOTION: TH regrets the decline of Marxism in liberal Western democracies

Open Break semi: THBT Western foreign policy should seek to prevent China's acquisition of Africa's natural land and resources

ESL final: THBT national governments should aim to depopulate rather than regenerate areas with few viable economic activities

Quarters THBT the state should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards good choices

round 5: TH welcomes the advent of extreme genetic enhancements for human beings

round 4 THBT the education system should promote equality of outcomes over equality of opportunities

round 3: THBT western countries should invest primarily in air power rather than ground troops for future military interventions

Round 2: TH regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy

round 1 motion: THW legalise all forms of assisted suicide for mentally sound people

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