Northeast Asian Open 2011

- R1: The Middle East THBT Israel should preemptively strike against Iranian Nuclear facilities.
-R2: Politics THW allow individuals to sell their votes for financial compensation.
-R3: Economics THW end all fiscal austerity measures and increase government spending.
-R4: Taiwan THBT Taiwanese government should abandon all efforts towards formal independence.
-R5: Ethics THW legalize polygamy.
-Pre QF: Religion THBT equal opportunity legislation should extend to religious institutions.
-QF: Justice THW try the Syrian dictator, Al-Assad.
-SF: International Obligations THBT all countries must ratify binding targets in any international agreement on climate change.
-GF: International Law THBT international law should recognize the right of each state to unilaterally undertake humanitarian intervention.
-EFL SF: Development THBT all government contracts should buy locally manufactured goods and services.
-EFL GF: Environment THW impose a maximum cap on the usage of water

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