International Debate Academy Slovenia 2011 Preliminary Motion List


THB that state should pay no welfare payments to the elderly 


THB that Barack Obama should publicly express the view that the best way for socio-economically disadvantaged racial groups to overcome their disadvantage is to stop relying on the state and help themselves


THW not give any news coverage at all of any kind to extremist political parties 


THW send private military contraorsts to police high crime areas


THW make performing arts compulsory for all public and private secondary students


THB that Ernie and Bert should get married


THB that all countries education systems should focus on the teaching of English


THB that the Catholic Church should endorse violent revolution as a means of overcoming social and economic marginalization (Liberation Theology)


THBT governments should shut down access to internet in times of crisis / THW give the executive the power to shut down parts of the internet


TTHB the UK should only provide abortion services to citizens of countries where abortion is legal


TTHW make voting a use it or lose it right


TTHW make the income/tax payments of all public employees (or all people generally) publicly available  


TTHB romance is dead


THB that state should pay parents who stay at home and to look after their children (or women who stay at home regardless of babies)


TTHB the state should fund gender reassignment surgery



TTHW not recognise any religious marriage from a religion which refuses to allow same-sex marriage (this one is problematic since most states in Europe wouldn't recognise religius marriage period, but I very much like the idea of it)


THB the State should refuse to assist in rebuilding areas prone to natural disasters (JAPAN; NOrl)


THB that low income ethnic neighbourhoods should be protected from gentrification (needs rewording -gentrification is in no way esl friendly)


THB that the state should provide large financial subsidies to professional sports clubs that play in economically or politically marginalized areas


THW ban futures trading on food prices or THW ban food prices speculation


THW occupy Wall Street (anything on this really. From this is/was a good idea to this is pointless. Occupying public spaces as a means of achieving democratic change could include a debate on the Arab spring etc.)


THBT people should be afraid of their governments


THBT China should deploy a top-secret military mission to assassinate Omar al-Bashir


THW place no limits on police tactics in high crime areas, if those tactics are shown to be effective in catching criminals (needs to be reworded, but it would be an epic Dirty Harry debate)


TH regrets joining Facebook


THW ban media coverage of police brutality


THW remove all sex and violence from film and television


TTHW ban women from taking the last name of their husbands (in place of their maiden name)


TTHB that attacking an embassy is a legitimate form of protest


THW ban handing out the title of Prom Queen and Prom King at the Senior Prom (epically small impact, but could work as a beginner's debate)


THB that capitalism and democracy are incomptable


THW renounce the citizenship of tax evaders


TTHW allow the state to forcibly treat those with highly infectious diseases 

  •             Extremism & Minorities Protection
    • This House Would Place No Restrictions on Free Speech
    • This House Believes that Hungary Should be Sanctioned / This House Believes that Democracy in Hungary is Under Threat
    • This House Believes that the EU Should Sanction Serbia for Banning the Gay Parade
    • This House Would Grant the Roma Representation in the European Parliament Proportional to Their Population in the EU
  • Abortion
    • This House Believes in Woman's Right to Choose
    • This House Would Allow Abortion Only In the Case of Both Parents' Consent
  • Economic crisis
    • This House Believes in the United States of Europe
    • This House Believes that Capitalism Has Failed
    • This House Would Go Bankrupt
  • Political parties/system & Democratization Wave(s)
    • This House Would Ban Political Parties
    • This House Believes (Liberal) Democracy is in a Crisis
    • This House Supports the International Intervention in Libya
    • This House Believes that Assassinating Dictators Does More Harm than Good
    • This House Would Intervene in Iran
    • This House Would Disband the United Nations
    • This House Believes in Open Societies
    • This House Believes the Media in Western Liberal Democracies is Not Independent and Free
  • Overpopulation & Environment Concerns
    • This House Would Institute Mandatory Demographic Control Quotas Worldwide
    • This House Would Justify International Intervention on the Grounds of Environmental Concerns
    • This House Would Subsidize Eco-friendly Consumer Choices

·       THW make parents pass a test before having children

·       THW halt all development aid to countries where homosexuality is punishable

·       THW ban corporate sponsorship of academic research

·       THW ban advertising

·       THW ignore credit rating agencies advice (or ban them from publishing statuses)

·       THBT there should be no limit on self-defence against violent crime

·       THW ban political parties that propagate xenophobia and racism

·       THW ban all religions from actively seeking conversions

·       THBT state should actively promote atheism

·       THW give every citizen a positive and a negative vote at elections

·       THW ban child beauty pageants

·       THW exclude sports teams from competition if their fans produce racist abuse in the stadium

·       THW allow horeca establishments to select their patrons on any basis they please (horeca being a Dutch shorthand for hotel, restaurant and cafe)

·       THBT the state has a right to negotiate with terrorist groups and grant immunity to their leaders

·       THB in an unqualified right to die

·       THW ban news media from publishing the ethnicity of crime suspects/criminals in their reporting

·       THW incentivize employers to hire non college graduates

·       THBT states have a right to prohibit their citizens from travelling to certain states


Topic 1: Crime & Society

A: THW only use prison for violent offenders

B: THW deport immigrants who are convicted of serious offences

C: THBT social disorder is a legitimate tool of political protest

Topic 2: Autonomy & Choice


A: THW ban cosmetic procedures that alter ethnic features

                        B: THS the right to die

                        C: THW ban attempts to ‘correct’ sexuality

Topic 3: Economics


A: THBT Greece should vote to reject the bail-out

                        B: THBT religious organisations should no longer enjoy tax-exempt


                        C: THS the implementation of a global ‘Robin Hood’** tax

Topic 4: Energy & the Environment


A: THW frack for gas

                        B: THW introduce global population control measures

                        C: THW (still) go nuclear

Topic 5: Europe


A: THW give EU citizenship to the Roma

                        B: THBT the EU should recognise the state of Palestine

                        C: THBT the European experiment has failed

Topic 6: International Relations

A: THW offer immunity from prosecution to dictators who step down  


                        B: THBT Arab democracy is bad for the West

                        C: THBT ‘I was only following orders’ should be a legitimate defence in


Topic 7: General

                        A: THW legitimise the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport

                        B: THW reserve seats on company boards for ground-level workers

                        C: THBT the state has an obligation to fund the arts

·         THBT juries should be instructed to acquit when a conviction is not in the best interest of the public.

·         THBT the media should report the true horror of war.

·         THBT China should incentivise the rearing of female children. 

·         This house believes it is illegitimate for governments to prevent any peaceful protest in public space.

·         THBT each country has a duty to limit population growth

·         THW launch attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.

·         THW abolish the double jeopardy rule for the 
previously acquitted.

·         This House supports computer hacktivism.

·         THW march in the Slutwalks.

·         THBT affirmative action does more harm than good.

** The proposed tax on financial transactions, or the profits resulting therefrom, including stock, share and bond dealings, and foreign currency exchange

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