IDAS 2011 Academy & Tournament Motions



1.    THBT it is the states' obligation to finance art.

2.    THBT every countries’ educational system should focus on the teaching of English.

3.    This House Would Allow Abortion Only In the Case of Both Parents' Consent

4.    THBT the European experiment has failed

5.    This House Believes the Media in Western Liberal Democracies is Not Independent and Free

6.    THW give every citizen a positive and a negative vote at elections

7.    THS the implementation of a global ‘Robin Hood' tax

8.    TH regrets the non-democratially appointed leaders of Greece and Italy.

9.    THBT the EU should condition Serbian membership on recognition of gay rights.

10. This house believes that newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections


1.   THBT Greece should go bankrupt. QUARTERS

2.   THBT there will be no peace in the Middle East without an independent Palestine. FOUR

3.   THBT the media should show the true horror of war. ONE

4.   THBT war criminals should be put on trial in their home countries. FIVE

5.   This house believes that the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography. FINALS

6.    This house believes that states should guarantee legally enforceable socio-economic rights. SIX

7.   TH approves of hacktivism against misbehaving corporations. TWO

8.   THW give transnational EU citizenship to the Roma. THREE

9.    This house believes that companies should be held liable in their home countries for environmental damage in other countries. SEMIFINALS

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