Huber Debates 2011 University of Vermont

1. THBT inmates who hold prison jobs should be paid at least the minimum wage.

2. THBT Spain should end bullfighting.

3. THBT Saudi Arabia should not allow Afghans, Pakistanis or anyone else who have al Qaeda bases in their home country to travel to Mecca to perform the Hajj or Umra.

4. THW only issue transfer payments to individuals who vote.

5. THW pay drug addicts to be sterilized.

6. In countries with high AIDS rates, THW impose mandatory male circumscision.

Quarters: thbt

 major fiscal policy decisions should be subject to a referendum

Semis:  thbt ordinary police officers should not carry lethal weapons

Finals:  thbt black comedians, musicians, and other public figures should not use the n-word.

Novice final:  THW spoil the ballots of racist candidates

Motions set by Mary Nugent, Paul Gross, Jessica Bullock and John Sadek.

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