1st China National High Schools English Debating Championships 2011

Debate Motions:

Round 1
This house would ban advertisements that use gender stereotypes. 
Round 2
This House believes that university students should pay the full costs of their education. 
Round 3
This House believes that environmental protection should come second  to economic growth in developing countries. 
Round 4
This House believes that animals should not be used as objects of sport and entertainment.    
Round 5
This House would allow citizens to sell their organs. 
Round 6
This House would require that students in all high schools (secular, religious, public, private, etc.) learn the beliefs of people of all major faiths, including those of no faith at all      (atheists/agnostics). 
Round 7 (Silent)
This House would require users of online social networks to disclose their real identity. 
Round 8 (Silent)
This house believes that prisoners should have the right to vote in general elections held to form a national parliament. 
Pre-Quarter Finals
This House believes that all countries should give up the use of nuclear energy. 
This House believes that the Arab World should stop selling oil to France until it removes its ban on the wearing of the Islamic Female Head Dress (Burqa) in Public. 
THW allow school boards to fire teachers whose class consistently underperforms in standardized tests. 
Grand Final
This House believes Western Governments should assassinate dictatorial leaders who use violence against their own people to stay in power.

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