ICU Tournament in Japan Motions

June 2011

R1: I am better than all of you
THBT IMF should cap government debt of member states.
THW elect all judges.
THBT healthcare policy should be determined by an expert committee and
not politicians.

R2: Innocent children will die
THW terminate lethal pregnancies without the mother's consent.
THW abolish school uniforms in all levels of education.
THW allow school boards to fire teachers whose class consistently
underperforms in standardized tests.

R3: IT in IR
THBT Western governments should subsidize social networking sites to
liberalize oppressed societies.
THBT international development aid should concentrate on building IT
infrastructure in least developed countries.
THBT United Nations Security Council should recognize cyber attacks by
governments as an use of military.

R4: Size DOES matter
THBT the WTO should not allow government contracts that limit the
competition to only domestic firms.
THW introduce mandatory natural disaster insurance system.
THBT China should privatize major industries now.

Quarter Final: You have the right to shut up and do what I say
THBT prison over capacity should not be a reason for earlier release
of inmates.
THBT criminal defendants should only be defended by a public attorney.
THW abolish the power of the executive to implement martial law.

Semi Final: Sophisticated taste for sophisticated people
THW ban gangster rap.
THW redirect all state art funding from reproduction of classic works
of art to new works of art.
THW outlaw animated child pornography.

Grand Final: Peace at all cost
THBT Palestine should demilitarize in return for a guaranteed
sovereign state.
THW give control of Southern Afghanistan to the Taliban.
THBT the West should supply weapons to rebels trying to overthrow
oppressive regimes.

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