EUDC 2006 Motions

Europeans 2006


Motions: (Wording may be slightly off)

Rd 1. TTHW abolish the International Criminal Court.

Rd 2. TTHBT gender reassignment surgeries should be included in state-funded medical care.

Rd 3. TTHBT governments should block the foreign takeover of important companies.

Rd 4. TTHW ban the use of evidence aquired from countries which practise torture.

Rd 5. TTHW ban all religious involvement in schools.

Rd 6. TTHW remove the right to refuse medically necessary treatment.

ESL Semi: TTHW allow insurance companies to access the genetic data of potential customers.

ESL Final: TTHW destroy the artefacts of fallen oppressive regimes

Final: TTHW allow companies to refuse hiring smokers.

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