Bristol 2007 Motions



1.) This house would prevent doctors from opting out of performing medical procedures on religious grounds. (Musical Clue - "Losing my Religon", by REM)


2.) This house would privatise all UK Universities. (Musical Clue - "Money (That's What I Want)" by the Beatles)


3.) This house, as the UN, would deny the Vatican all rights of a state. (Musical Clue - "Pope" by Prince)


4.)This house would allow soldiers, sailors and airmen in the British forces to sue the crown for negligence. (Musical Clue - "Everything is Good for you", by Crowded House)


5.) This house believes the British Museum should give back everything to where it was plundered from. (Musical Clue - The Big Payback, by James Brown)


Semi.) With Hindsight, this house would never have established the state of Israel. (Musical Clue- "Lost Cause", by Beck)


Final.) This house would consider Government ministers under Oath for all Public Statements, thus making them criminally liable for Perjury if they lie. (Musical Clue - "Just",

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