Oxford IV 2010 Motions

Finals: This House supports the use of a draft by lottery when engaged in extended military interventions.
Semifinals: This House believes that a free market economy does not make the workers free.
ESL Finals: This House would allow poor countries to erect trade barriers against rich countries under the WTO.
Quarterfinals: This House believes that the UN should offer large bounties for the capture of pirates and the destruction of pirate ships.
Round 5: This House would hold the state liable for injuries or deaths due to being homeless.
Round 4: This House would require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their users.
Round 3: This House would tax those who use expensive lawyers in order to fund state prosecutors and legal aid.
Round 2: This House would ban the use of armed combat drones.
Round 1: This House believes that Adoption Agencies that receive state funding should give priority to same sex couples and infertile couples.

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