Huber Debates, University of Vermont, 6-7 November 2010 Motions

1. This house would allow minorities to be educated in their native language.

2. TTHW Tie development aid to womens' rights

3. TTHBT it is unethical to eat meat

4. tthbt developing countries should not host major international sporting or cultural events

5. This House would legallly mandate the use of condoms in pornography.

6. This House would give first nations' peoples copyright over depictions of their culture.

Q. THBT the European Central Bank should have veto power over member states budgets.

S. This house believes that parents who have a severely disabled child should be allowed to euthanize them shortly after birth.

F. THBT welfare payments should be done through vouchers.

Novice F. This House would extend NAFTA to Latin America

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