2nd IIT Bombay Debates Motions

Round 1 - Addiction (I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me…)
THBT non-smokers should be higher than smokers on the organ donation list
THBT governments should give cocaine to addicts so they can lead normal lives
THW allow pornography on YouTube

Round 2 - Intolerance
THW avenge the destruction of the Babri Masjid
THW involve the victim while deciding punishment for a person convicted of sexual assault/ rape
THW condone religious hate speech

Round 3 - Consumerism (Jaago grahak jaago)
THW put health warning logos on junk 
 food packets like they do for tobacco 
THW ban fairness creams
THW criminalize spam

Round 4 - Education
THBT Harvard should not allow legacy 
THW require all under-graduate students 
to do a compulsory one year teaching job 
in a government school
THBT Hindi should be a compulsory 
language taught to all students till class 12

Round 5 - Pop culture and relationships
THW disallow depictions of promiscuous 
teenage relationships in media directed at 
THBT the paparazzi have the full right to report 
on personal relationships of celebrities
THW allow prisoners convicted for life to 
advertise for conjugal visits in the media

Octofinals - Minors and Minority
THW subject minors who have committed a rarest of rare crime to a minimal criminal punishment
THW allow minors who passed a test on civics to vote
THW allow minors to seek abortion without parental consent

Quaterfinals - Environment
THW put the environmental cost of products on their covers
THW shoot poachers of endangered species
THW allow indigenous tribes to flourish as anthropological museums

Semifinals - IR 
THW approve the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo (Chinese dissident)
THS Arizona's anti-immigration racial-profiling law
THBT Columbia should allow foreign forces into Columbia to fight the drug cartels 

Finals - Pragmatism
THBT India should save itself the trouble and let Kashmir go - (Grand finals motion)
THBT in hindsight, India should not have bid for and hosted the Commonwealth Games
THW offer cash incentives for Naxal cadres who give up their arms

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