Istanbul Open 2010 Motions

The motions of the tournament were:

  • Round 1: This House believes that states should not fund national sport teams.
  • Round 2: This House would make development aid to overcrowded countries conditional to population control measures.
  • Round 3: This House believes that international law should prohibit the use of unmanned fighting vehicles.
  • Round 4: This House would not allow corporations to sue libel or slander.
  • Round 5: This House would ban its citizens from visiting countries with dictatorial or repressive regimes whose economies depend on tourism.
  • Round 6: This House would pay religious organizations or individuals to convert people in areas of social deprivation.
  • Semi: This House would make TV and radio stations legitimate military targets.
  • Final: This House would abandon fixed-term sentences and would instead release prisoners upon rehabilitation.

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