Pi Kappa Delta Motions

2010 NCT
NPDA Topics

Round One
Higher education should reform its approach to general education.
Aff—9 Neg—30

Round Two
The United States should substantially heighten its focus on South America as part of its foreign
Aff—23 Neg—16

Round Three
We believe the Obama Administration is winning the battle but losing the war.
Aff—21 Neg—19

Round Four
This House believes it is a moral imperative to extend full constitutional rights to those detained
by the United States.
Aff—13 Neg—27

Round Five
The United States Federal Government should implement a Federal Sales Tax.
Aff—15 Neg—24

Round Six
The United States should be more aggressive in its efforts to decrease greenhouse gasses.
Aff—19 Neg—21

Elimination Round One
Congressional action is needed as a response to the Citizens United v. Federal Election
Commission Supreme Court decision.
Aff—1 Neg—6

Elimination Round Two
Resolved: The United States Federal Government should limit its trade with China.
Aff—6 Neg—6

Elimination Round Three
The United States should withdraw diplomatic recognition of Israel.
Aff—3 Neg—3

Elimination Round Four
We should reverse the course of intercollegiate forensics.
Aff—1 Neg—2

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