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From Hayah Eichler:

Dearest friends,

(1) We hope this letter finds you well - even if, like many of us, you're still missing WSDC friends from Doha. It was a wonderful tournament and we should take this opportunity to, once again, thank all the people involved. To Dr. Hayat, the organizing committee at QatarDebate, the QMDI team, the volunteers, our co-CAs, the CAP, the consulting committee, the motions committee, the complaints committee and everyone else who helped in some way - Shukran Ktir! Thank you very much for all the hard work.

(2) And, speaking of hard work, it's time for the working groups to get started. We discussed a number of important issues at the AGM that are just waiting to get resolved over the next 6 months and more. Remember, the working groups are discussion forums that are open to EVERYONE and you are welcome to raise any concerns or questions or queries you have within the group.

We would like to encourage you all to sign up for one or more working group to help shape future tournaments. Even if you just send emails saying "I agree with so and so", it will help us decide what proposals have support from the community and should be put to council, what needs changing, what should stay the way it is, etc. We hope to be seeing a number of proposals and recommendations in six months' time.

The executive members are all geared up and ready to rumble. Many of us are eager to contribute to a few of the groups but each of us has taken on the task of "co-hosting" one of them. Hosting the group basically means that we'll set out tasks, as referred by council, and we'll try to keep the conversation moving towards resolutions. You're always welcome to add new issues to the list of things that need to be discussed.

The working groups are run through a website called "topica" ( and to join you have to send an email to the address/es provided below. You'll receive an email back asking you to confirm your subscription. Once that is done, your request is sent to the list owner (many thanks to Trevor Sather!) so he can approve your membership on the list. This is to ensure that we don't get spammers on our lists.

The only limits on joining the groups are that (A) you are not in secondary school or younger (B) You are not on any team competing in 2011 and (C) You are not a random spammer.

Once Trevor approves your membership, you'll receive an email welcoming you to the group you've joined. At that point, you can send a post to the group saying who you are and where you're from and then... let the discussions begin!

To join a working group, please email the address listed below:

*Note: If you've already signed up in previous years, you're still a member of the group, so no need to sign up again*

Adjudication Working Group (co-hosts - Mehvesh and Hayah):
Draw Working Group (co-hosts - Mert and Joshua):
Hosting Working Group (co-hosts - Beth and Irene):
Language and New Countries Working Group (co-hosts - Sherria and Effie):

If you have any problems signing up, please be in touch with Hayah ( and she'll help sort things out.

(3) Since we're on the topic of signing up to email groups, please note that this email is going out to both the netpals list and the contact list of nations, updated for 2010. The netpals mailing list is intended for anyone interested on being updated on all matters WSDC. The members mailing list is meant for the representatives of our member nations so that they get important information like registration dates for tournaments, postal ballots when necessary, etc. If you would like to sign up to the mailing list, please email The archive is available on the WSDC website ( under the "mailing list" tab.

Additionally, I am attaching the list of contact details we have for our member nations. PLEASE open the document and make sure that the contact details are up to date for your nation. If not, get in touch with Hayah ( who will update your details. If you notice details that are incorrect for another nation, please let Hayah know that as well.

(4) The final group to be mentioned is the one that will discuss the issue of who is eligible to debate on Team Palestine (aside from those already allowed according to the rules, of course). As we discussed at the AGM, this is a very important issue and we didn't want to try and resolve an issue this big in a five-minute discussion, rather give it the attention it deserves. If you are interested in taking part in these discussions, please let me know ( If there is a small group of interested parties, we will allow the group to work through email correspondence. If a number of people are interested in being part of the discussion, we're happy to open it up as a list on topica.

(5) For those of us who dozed off during the AGM or those who couldn't attend, here is a summary of the elections this year:

Motions Committee:

Christopher Bishop (New Zealand)

Eva Spoor (Netherlands)

Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed (Pakistan)

Simon Quinn (Australia)

Thepparith (TJ) Senamngern (Thailand)

Complaints Committee:

Beth James (Wales)

Mustafa Mert Onen (Turkey)

Rama Sudev (India)

Roger Hatridge (Korea)

Sixto Ramos (Peru)

Chairperson of Executive: Claire Ryan (New Zealand)

Vice Chairperson of Executive: Beth James (Wales)

Secretary of Executive: Hayah Eichler (Israel)

Executive Committee:

Effie Giannakouri (Greece)

Irene McGrath (Ireland)

Joshua Park (Korea)

Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed (Pakistan)

Mert Onen (Turkey)

Sherria Ayuandini (Indonesia)

Many thanks to our returning officers Helen Kolais and Aaron Maniam and congratulations to our newly appointed committees and executive!

Many thanks, also, to all those who ran for the various positions on the Executive, Motions, and Complaints committees. For a full account of the vote tallies for all candidates, please refer to the minutes of the meeting, which will be available soon.

(6) At this point, we'd like to thank Roger Hatridge for stepping into the position of secretary for the duration of the AGM this year. He has passed on his notes to Hayah who hopes to get the minutes out in a timely fashion. The issues that were forwarded to the working groups have already been sent out to the co-hosts of the groups so that work can begin even before the minutes are officially published.

All the very best to our friends around the globe,

Executive Committee 2010

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