Motions from ICU Japan

Motion Round 1: US
THBT the US should introduce an universal government health
THBT the US should abandon arms sales to Taiwan.
THBT the US should actively pursue a weak dollar policy to boost exports.

Round 2: Politics
THBT the Democratic Party of Japan should have a coalition government
withthe Liberal Democratic Party.
THW pardon corrupt public official that disclose fraudulent
activitycommited by their organization and imprison others involved
THW subsidize election candidates new in politics.

Round 3: UN
THBT UN should coordinate disaster relief efforts given by other
THBT UN should be allowed to bring peace by military force in conflict
THBT the permanent members in the UN Security Council should abandon
theveto power.

Round 4: Economy
THBT WTO should concentrate on regional trade agreements, rather than
global ones.
THW ban subsidies and tax breaks to non-core industries.
THW introduce minimum quota on bank lendings to small and


Octo-finals: Environment
THBT entertainment celebrities should not be involved in
enviromentalprotection movements.
THBT nuclear power plants should be built in urban areas.
THW ban trade barriers that offset disadvantages of domestic companiesfrom
green house gas emission reduction policy

Quarter-finals: International Organization
THBT International Monetary Fund and World Bank should
introduceone-country, one vote system.
THW channel all developmental aid for Africa through the African Union.
THW International Criminal Court should have universal jurisdiction.

Semi-finals: Culture
THBT governments should let go of dying languages.
THW end government funding of the arts.
THW introduce a salary cap in professional team sports.

Final: Conflict
THBT countries in a state of civil war should resolve their
conflictthrough the permission of warlords and parmilitary organization to
THBT Russia and China should send troops to Afganistan.
THBT we should support military intervention in Somalia.

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