Malaysia Debate Open Motions

2nd Malaysia Debate Open 2010

Test Debate

THBT sober passengers of drunk drivers should be held criminally liable.
Round 1 :Natural Disaster

THW arrest but not charge looters in Chile
THBT aid to reconstruct disaster areas should be exclusively given to local contractors
THW help victims of major disasters regardless of consent from the country affected
Round 2 : Malaysia

THW forgive the student loan debt of all individuals who commit to a career in public education
THW not allow any race-based societies in universities
THBT 3 months is too short for National Service/THW extend the National Service
Round 3 : Sports

This House believes that professional cheerleading harms women’s rights
THW disallow exclusive broadcasting rights of the world cup
THW limit the wages of Footballers
Round 4 : The Individual in the state

THW Ban Dual Citizenships
THW abolish state-endorsed marriage.
THBT Plea-bargaining erodes the criminal justice system
Round 5 : East or West Government?

THBT China’s Internet censorship is a legitimate tool for stability
THBT The west should arm local Burmese militias
THBT Obama’s Health Care Plan is un-American
Round 6 : Middle east

TH Condemns Israel for including sites within the Palestinian Territory as their heritage
THBT Southern Yemen should declare Independence
THW allow candidates linked to Saddam Hussein to stand in the upcoming Iraqi Elections
Octo-Finals : Environment/animal rights

THW Free Willy (the Killer Whale)
THW arm the indigenous to fight illegal loggers
THW allow Japan to commercialize whaling if they accept a moratorium on bluefin Tuna
Quarter-Finals : Teenagers

THW Ban surgery for teenagers for the purpose of inducing weight loss.
THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnant mothers.
THW force sperm banks to reveal the identity of sperm donors upon request of the offspring upon reaching the age of consent
Semi-Finals : Geo-Bloody Politics

THW Grant developmental aid to African countries on condition they nationalize natural resources.
THBT The EU should stop supporting US led wars until they ratify the ICC
THW not sanction Iran until Israel’s Nuclear Program is subjected to IAEA Inspections
Grand Final

THW Completely Ban Smoking

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