CEDA Nationals Update

From Gordon Stables:

We are thrilled with the turnout for CEDA Nationals. At present we have 221 teams entered. Our hosts are very experienced with large tournaments, but we all need to do our part to keep the tournament running smoothly. In order to give folks time to work on their preferences we would like to close entries at the end of this weekend. On Sunday night I will turn off entries and you will need to make all adjustments through me.

Here is a quick checklist to help your planning:

1) Please finalize team and judge entries by Sunday night.

2) We are making online ballots available. All judges who would like to enter ballots online need to enter their email addresses on debateresults.

3) Please make sure you preclusions are listed on debateresults.

4) If you are buying rounds from another school's judge, please use the new debateresults system and let us know. Please don't list these rounds as 'hired' in the DR judging menu. The "hired" rounds designation should only be used for rounds that a judge is willing to sell but which have not yet been bought by anyone.

5) We are VERY interested in having folks volunteer rounds for the good of the community. We are also interested in hiring additional rounds.

6) We are already working hard to seed the teams to make the presets meaningful. If you have any drops, please let us know as soon as you know. You can email them to me or call/ text me at 213-915-8201.

7) Novice eligible designated teams are below. If you have a team who is eligible and not listed, please let us know.

Appalachian State Joe Graziano & Russell Newton Augustana IL Abiel Diaz & Nathan Treichel CSU Sacramento Leah Johnson & Kevin Kraft Denver Katherine Snow & Jordan Loyd Johnson County Tyler Kowalewski & Ben Cuellar Johnson County Brandie Shepherd & Emily Umphrey Louisville Shelby Pumphrey & Aaron Weathers U.S. Military Academy Rob Delaney & Chris Best U.S. Military Academy Matthew Pierce & Josh Waldeck West Virginia University Khushali Patel & Robert Peters West Virginia University Erika Jensen & Courtney Plante

Thanks. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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