The program for the conference will have three themes.  Submissions are encouraged to center their work on one of the three themes and to submit proposals to the appropriate conference division.  Interdisciplinary work that might fit into more than one category is very welcome.

•Argumentation and rhetoric.  The use of logic and reason to criticize and analyze ideas through communication.  Those interested in research on argumentation theory, criticisms of communication acts and scholarship on argumentation practice are encouraged to submit to this division.

•Debate.  The use of formal argumentation forums to educate and empower citizens. Those interested in work on the practice and theory of debate competition, public debates, research on the impact of debate for participants, and theorizing about debate paradigms are encouraged to submit to this division.

•Critical thinking/pedagogy.  Teaching and the methodology of teaching in the active classroom.  Those interested in using debate, discussion and argumentation in classrooms, discussion of experiences and teaching lessons relating to communication and critical thinking are encouraged to submit to this division. 

A committee of conference organizers and scholars will examine submissions to each division. 

Abstracts should be less than 250 words, papers can use MLA (footnotes) or APA (references) style.

♣Argumentation: David Williams USA, Frans van Eemeren Netherlands, Danilo Šuster Slovenia, email

♣Debate: Stephen Boyle Ireland, Maja Nenadović Hungary-Croatia, Peejay Garcia Korea-Philippines, email stephenboyle87@GMAIL.COM

♣Pedagogy: Alfred Snider USA, Debbie Newman UK, Loke Wing Fatt Singapore, email


Rolling admission as proposals come in.

Assemble program 1 October 2010

Late additions 1 October 2010

Electronic version of paper due 15 October 2010