PEDAGOGY - DEBBIE NEWMAN -  Has experience of teaching debate around the world at all levels. She is now focused on using debating and other active techniques to improve classroom methods. She is a previous English national debating champion, president of the Cambridge Union Society and world champion schools debate coach. She has been on the faculty of the World Debate Institute, IDAS and the UK Debate Academy and is a former Head of the Centre for Speech and Debate at the English-Speaking Union in London. Although Debbie is an experienced university trainer, her focus is on schools debating: both working with children, from 8-18, and also working with teachers to help build their skills and confidence in training and judging debate. Training is always tailored to meet the needs of the hosts and will aim to be both challenging and enjoyable. Whether beginners learning the skills of debating for the first time, or the more experienced looking to hone their talents, all students and teachers will develop their abilities in a supportive and positive environment.

DEBATE - SAM GREENLAND - Currently President of the World Universities Debating Council. Sam has debated for Oxford and has also been a successful schools coach, directing the Hong Kong team at numerous World Schools Debating Championships. Recently he has been representing the University of Sydney Union in competitions, and reaching the WUDC semifinals among other advanced elimination rounds. He has been very active in creating the standards for non-native speakers to participate in international tournaments such as the WUDC. Sam has also been working on now debate can be used as a tool for teaching English and how debating improves the overall academic performance of students.