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vermont debate knows no fear

“We provide opportunities. Students are not here for debate; debate is here for them.” -Alfred Snider

Jillian Marty grew up in New York City and met debate while in high school through the New York Urban Debate League. She debated for the University of Vermont, was the Junior Varsity National Champion, won several varsity tournaments and reached the elimination rounds at CEDA Nationals. She got her MA from the University of Alabama and is currently completing her dissertation for her doctoral degree from the University of Massachusetts. She has recently been coaching at Towson University with extraordinary success, with her team reaching the final round at CEDA Nationals and the elimination rounds at the National Debate Tournament. She is a Yankee fan.

Alfred Charles “Tuna” Snider is the Director of the Lawrence Debate Union and the Edwin W. Lawrence Professor of Forensics at the University of Vermont. He has been at UVM since 1982. He graduated from Brown University, has an MA from Emerson College and a doctoral degree from the University of Kansas in Communication Studies. As a debater he was third at the National Debate Tournament and second at the USA Debate Tournament of Champions. He has received nearly every USA award connected with debate coaching. He has taught debating in over 45 countries. He did radio for 17 years on WRUV-FM, hosted the Vermont Reggae Festival for 16 years and has been the host of the LDU television show FLASHPOINT for over 485 episodes. He has recently published seven books, advises several governments on educational policy and is one of the world’s most renowned debate educators. In 2013 he was named coach of USA Debate, America’s national high school debate team competing for the world title. He is not ashamed to be known as a Doctor Who and an LA Dodgers fan.

Jessica Bullock debated for the University of Vermont and won many honors. She won a number of tournaments, including the Northeast Championship and the International Debate Academy. She was a semifinalist at the US Nationals. She has served as Co-Chief Adjudicator at the Huber Debates and has been a faculty member at the Beihang World Debate Academy in Beijing, China. She did an exciting stint in Teach for America in Baltimore and is now attending Vermont Law School. She is excited to be joining the LDU coaching staff and coming back to where it at started at Huber House.

Duncan Crowe graduated from Cambridge, St. Andrews & Glasgow Universities. World universities finalist in 2014, European universities finalist in 2015, European universities semifinalist in 2013. He has been director of training at Glasgow University Union for the last two years, training breaking teams at Malaysia WUDC and Zagreb EUDC.