What is CEDA and How to Join CEDA?

The Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA)

Glenda J. Treadaway

The Cross Examination Debate Association was founded in 1971 and is open to any community or four year college or university. Over 200 schools are members of this organization nationwide. CEDA encourages all students to learn about debate by supporting the existence of novice, junior varsity, varsity and public sphere divisions at tournaments held throughout the United States.

CEDA member schools vote for one topic which is debated all year or two topics with one of them being debated in the Fall and the other in the Spring. CEDA topics may be either non-policy propositions or policy propositions. Most CEDA sanctioned tournaments offer debate on the CEDA topic.

CEDA has a sweepstakes system which awards outstanding programs. The top two eligible teams from each division of debate get points for their preliminary and elimination round wins at any sanctioned and qualifying tournament. In addition to the national sweepstakes awards, CEDA gives awards to the top programs in each region, top community college programs, and a newcomers award to the best first year CEDA program. The Association also hosts a National Championship Tournament each year which is open to all member schools.

Recognizing the need to award students based on other criteria than just competitive success, CEDA gives Scholastic Debater Awards and All-American Debate Squad Awards. The Scholastic Debater Award is given annually to twenty CEDA debaters for outstanding achievement in debate, scholastics and community service. The All-American Debate Squad Award is given annually to twenty CEDA debaters for their competitive success, sportsmanship and squad contributions.

To join CEDA, you can obtain membership forms from Greg Simerly, Executive Secretary; CEDA; Department of Communication; Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, IL 62901. Email Address: Debate@siu.edu Telephone Number: 618-453-1896

For further information you can contact Glenda Treadaway, Chair; Program Development Committee; Department of Communication, Appalachian State University; Boone, NC 28608. Email Address: TREADWAYGJ@conrad.appstate.edu Fax Number: 704-262-2543 Telephone Number:704-262-2222